Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So this is where I'll be posting about my experiences in Hamburg this summer. I'll be abroad from June 1st until August 2nd, and I'm going to try and post a few times a week. Hopefully I'll be doing some traveling around Germany and Europe. A few goal destinations are

  • Berlin
  • Aachen
  • Barcellona
We'll see what things bring. I'm very excited (and admittedly a little nervous) to get over there and live on my own, meet new people from all over the place, and pick up a little German!

Also, I'll likely be posting about some of what I'm learning in my research internship, as well as some musings as I am thinking and beginning to write my Fulbright application.

I guess that's it for now, still need to find housing, get all my stuff together, and buy a used camera and a decent travel pack, but that'll all get done next week and the week after.

I'll leave with a picture of Hamburg for now. 

Tschüs ("chuuss" = goodbye)!!