Friday, June 14, 2013

Another interesting evening....

Overdue post. I really should name this blog "Adventures and stories" because thats what the past 2 weeks have been. I meant to make a post mid last week and then over the weekend but it was just non-stop and then I needed to sleep for work. So expect a long retro-active post. Also future blog posts will be less detailed...sorry, its a lot to remember exactly!

Best parts of yesterday (June 13th)

Coming home from work on the S-Bahn, and I get into a car with 6 rowdy guys from Liverpool. Sitting quietly by myself, trying not to outright laugh and seeing if I can record some of their ruckus. One guy asked a woman for directions on where to get off, misheard her, and so I had to let him know the real answer. That was it.

"He's a Yank this one!!!" And before I knew it I was sitting with them, watching them pass around a bottle of Jaeger, and something else they picked up when they got off their plane a few minutes ago. And I had 2 at a time up in my face telling me a story, or asking me questions in an accent so thick I could have probably understood it better if it were in German. It was really hard not to laugh, but they were friendly (VERY FRIENDLY). And I heard some Liverpool football chants (soccer), and we all sang the "I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok!" Monty Python song and things were good. :)

Got home and cooked dinner with my flatmate Jakob, and his two friends Jahn, and Tosten (not spelt like that though). Really nice guys and we had really good conversations about German politics, and life in America, and all sorts of things. Also during dinner Tosten got a call from his girlfriend in Africa and found out that he just became a father!!! How crazy is that? He had just talked to her a few hours before but didn't realize she was already in labor. 22 years old, finishing up school, working to save money, and getting things set up here so she and the baby can come live in Germany. Wild.... Thankfully college in Germany is paid for and then some....

Today I'm meeting this kind older gentlemen for lunch at supposedly the restaurant with the best view in Hamburg. I met him last week at the IBA (international building exhibition) and then he invited me to a dinner with the American international society of Hamburg which was great (those posts are coming retroactively). And tonight I'm going to see St. Pauli's (the working class neighborhood where I live) football club play Kiel (a city to the north - I'm going there next weekend) at the stadium a few blocks north of my apartment. Should be wild. And tomorrow morning I'm taking a 7am bus to Berlin! I've heard really great things about Berlin, so I'm very excited :)

Jubel! (Cheers)!

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